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Store Home >> Brands >> Dylon >> Dylon Washing Machine Dye Powder Pink 350g
Dylon Washing Machine Dye Powder Pink 350g

This product is typically dispatched within 1-3 days from date of order when using our standard delivery service.

Brand : Dylon

Price : £3.99

RRP : £6.84 | YOU SAVE : £2.85

Quantity: Buy Now

From all colours bright & beautiful to rich & intense shades, with Dylon Fabric Dyes for machine use you have all the colours of the rainbow to choose from. These dyes are simply bursting with a whole spectrum of colourful possibilities, so if you feel like a change, you can wake up your wardrobe, revive a faded top or brighten some cushion covers, with colour & ease.

  • Weigh dry fabric to ensure you have sufficient dye
  • Wash thoroughly, even if new, to remove stains or any dressings that can not be seen
  • Wearing rubber gloves, empty full contents of pack(s) into drum (not the soap dispenser)
  • Add 500g salt, covering dye powder (only 500g is required for any amount of dye)
  • Put in damp unfolded fabric
  • Run 40°C cotton cycle (do not use pre-wash, economy or half load cycles)
  • When complete, add detergent & run 40°C cotton cycle again
  • Remove fabric from machine, add detergent & run empty 40°C cycle to clean machine
  • Dry fabric away from direct heat & sunlight

The shade you achieve will depend on 3 things:


  • Cotton, linen & viscose will dye to full shade
  • Polyester/cotton & polyester/viscose mixes will dye to lighter shade
  • Wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon & fabric with special finishes e.g. ‘dry clean only’, cannot be dyed


  • One pack will dye up to 600g of fabric (e.g. jeans, bath towel, double sheet) to the full shade & up to 1.2kg of fabric (e.g. double duvet) to lighter shade
  • Multiple packs will dye larger amounts to full shade, e.g. 2 packs for 1200g (e.g. double duvet) or 4 packs for 2kg (e.g. curtains)


  • You can change one strong colour to another (or dye it to a lighter shade) by using DYLON PRE-DYE which lightens before you dye, ready for colour change.
  • Otherwise colour mixing rules apply, e.g. blue dye on red fabric gives purple
  • Patterned fabric will often still show through


  • Use in front loading automatic washing machines. Do not use in launderette machines.
  • Don’t dye more than half machine’s maximum load to avoid crowding which will give patchy results
  • Don’t use more than five packs of dye at once
  • Dyeing may not cover stains, faded areas or bleach marks
  • Should any dye be left in machine after dyeing, add cup of bleach to drum, add detergent as usual & run machine empty on 40°C cycle
  • After dyeing, wash separately or with similar colours for first two washes to remove any excess dye
  • Polyester stitching will not dye

Take care when using any of the dyes. In case of contact or ingestion, please follow the instructions below:

  • Skin contact: Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.
  • Eye contact: Bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes. Consult a doctor.
  • Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Wash out mouth with water. If conscious, give half a litre of water to drink immediately. Consult a doctor.
  • Inhalation: Remove casualty from exposure ensuring one's own safety whilst doing so.

Store in cool, well ventilated area.

Composition: Aqueous solution of Urea, Phosphate, Sulphite and Bromide.